Superannuation and SMSF’s

Superannuation will more than likely be the biggest asset you will attain in your life, aside from owning your own home. We can explain all of your options to you in an easy to understand manner, answer your questions and address your concerns.

While many individuals are happy to pool their superannuation savings together and have these professionally managed via a retail or industry super fund, there are others who prefer to have greater control and manage their own superannuation investments.

Another alternative for some individuals is to set up their own Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF). This is a private superannuation fund you manage yourself and is regulated by the Australian Taxation Office.

If you have an SMSF, as a trustee you are responsible for managing it and ensuring it complies with all relevant laws, and additional time may be required to ensure comprehensive records (such as investment strategies & objectives, contributions and withdrawals) are retained and available for your fund’s annual audit.

To really get your head around all the ins and outs of the legislation, sit down with the qualified, professional team at Goal Financial Services where we provide solid advice on tailoring the perfect package that fits your lifestyle and sits well within your comfort zone.

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