Separation or divorce

Take the stress out of your divorce


The last thing you need to worry about is financial security. But when you have divorced or separated from a long-term partner, it is usually one of the biggest areas of anxiety and confusion.
If you are worried about financial security and independence, we can help you identify the best way forward.

We can assist you with:

  • Superannuation searches
  • Restructuring your assets taking into consideration taxation and Centrelink implications
  • Understanding the tax implications of your settlement
  • Formulating a new investment strategy to support your independence
  • Budgeting and cash-flow analysis
  • Insurances and their beneficiaries

We can also help you to prepare your financial statement, manage your money in the interim, understand your options and, when the time is right, get a strong financial plan in place for your new future.

We’ll work with you to:

  • Understand your finances
  • Organise them effectively
  • Create a tailored plan for your future

Regardless of the variables, solid financial planning will reduce the stress surrounding separating and divorce. A solid financial plan leaves one less thing to worry about for you during this time of emotional turmoil.

Goal Financial Services will help to provide you with a financial plan that enables you to be financially independent.
We understand that having confidence in your finances can make all the difference in a difficult situation.