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How to get the most out of your super


Apart from owning your own home, superannuation will more than likely be the biggest asset you will attain in your life. It is a shame then that so many people do not have an involvement with this area of their life, given its importance.

Attaining advice from Goal Financial Services can answer some fundamental questions, such as:

  • How much am I going to need to retire?
  • How is my superannuation invested?
  • Do I have lost superannuation?
  • What happens to my superannuation benefits if I die?
  • How do I access government co-contribution benefits?
  • Should I be salary sacrificing?
  • What insurance can I take through my superannuation?

The answers to these questions above can have a material impact on your situation. The effects of investing differently, making additional contributions and also employing different strategies (depending on your age) can be quite significant in the long run.

Additionally, do you have more than one superannuation fund? Have you ever thought of consolidating them? But which one do you consolidate to? Do you want to know exactly where your benefits are going to go in the event of your death? Do you want to see exactly where your money is being invested?

We can also provide advice for the investment of a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund.

Goal Financial Services is committed to explaining all of this in an easy to understand manner.

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF)

While many individuals are happy to pool their superannuation savings together and have these professionally managed via a retail or industry super fund, there is also a number of people that would like to take control and manage their own superannuation benefits.

 Another alternative for some individuals is to set up their own Self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF). This is a private superannuation fund you manage yourself, and is regulated by the Australian Taxation Office. SMSF’s can have up to a maximum of four (4) members and each member must be trustees (or directors if there is a corporate trustee) and are responsible for decisions made about the fund.

If you have an SMSF, as a trustee you are responsible for managing it and ensuring it complies with all relevant laws, as such additional time maybe required to ensure comprehensive records (such as investment strategies & objectives, contributions and withdrawals) are retained and available for your fund’s annual audit.


It is common for an industry or retail super fund to provide its members with minimum levels of either Death, Total and Permanent Disablement and Income Protection cover. When establishing or running a SMSF, as trustee it is your responsibility to ensure you have considered the needs of your members and establish sufficient cover within the fund.

Superannuation provides a concessionally taxed environment

Investments owned within your SMSF will be taxed at 15% on income (rent, interest, dividends or distributions) and if you own the investment for at least a year, there is a maximum of 10% capital gains tax.

If you are eligible and have commenced an Account Based (Allocated) Pension, income and capital gains on your investments could even be taxed at 0%.

Professional advice

There are other benefits, but to really get your head around all the ins and outs of the legislation, sit down with the qualified, professional team at Goal Financial Services.

No hard sell here – just good solid advice on tailoring the perfect package that fits your lifestyle and sits well within your comfort zone.