Is it time to review your energy provider?

As we come into Spring and with the introduction to daylight savings we are always reminded that this is the time we should update the batteries in our smoke detectors. But whilst we’re considering batteries, its also a time when the house consumes more energy. Spring & Summer are typically the season many of us will tempted to turn on our fans or air conditioners more often, and for those of us with a pool the more regular use of the filter and is the time that we will more likely experience higher electricity bills.

While the recent price rises just mean higher electricity bills are becoming the norm, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you could be on the best plan for your home or families usage. The good news is there are lower price plans in the market and you can save money by switching, especially if you have been on the same plan for a while. You may not even need to switch to a different provider – your current provider may be able to offer you something better if you give them a call to discuss what plans they have available and ask if you’re on the best plan based on your level of consumption.

Many people would be aware of comparison websites such as ‘Compare the market’ or ‘iSelect’ however these are commercial websites which receive commissions for the products they place you into. Instead we suggest you head to the government provided comparison website ‘Energy Made Easy’. It is a free online comparison tool operated by the Australian Energy Regulator and lets you compare plans from all providers in your area and doesn’t require you to enter any personal details – just your usage information from one or more recent bills. Or if you don’t have that, just answer a few quick questions.

If you do want to save a couple of dollars in that budget than you can start your search here.

And if you’re already on the best plan for your gas & electricity you can always following these additional tips to save energy around the house:

Unplug your appliances when they’re not in use: Your TV, computer, microwave and even some washing machines have a ‘standby’ mode, which means they’re still using energy even when they’re not in use.

Buy Appliances with a good energy rating: The more stars, the better – but think about size first. No use being single and buying a larger fridge designed for a family. It maybe more efficient but you’ll still use more energy as its bigger than a smaller one.

Close all external windows and doors: Children (big & small) seem to have a habit of leaving doors open especially when the air conditioning is running.

Shade your windows: Did you know you can tint your home windows, much the same as you tint the windows of your car?

Install Ceiling fans: Ceiling fans are still much cheaper to run than air conditioning.

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